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Personal Injury Lawsuit Against International Paper Co. Settled for $5.2 Million

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An Atlanta woman has settled a personal injury lawsuit with International Paper Co. for $5.2 million, after suffering the loss of her arm in a car accident that involved an IP employee.

The woman was rear-ended after the IP employee failed to stop while she was distracted on her company cell phone and driving.

The woman’s vehicle was pushed into a ditch, trapping the woman’s arm between the door and the ground.

International Paper spokesman Amy Sawyer said in a statement, “This was a very unfortunate accident, in which, regrettably, (the plaintiff) suffered a very severe injury. We hope the settlement affords her a measure of care and recompense as she moves forward.”

International Paper is the world’s biggest pulp and paper producer. They employ 51,500 people across 40 countries.